Deb Erikson

Art is a given in my life.

Healing has also been a focus of my world, especially since a 1997 diagnosis of breast cancer. I believe that the pathway for creative energy is the same as that for prayer. Both are an important part of healing.

The summer of 2007, I will be teaching several workshops at ANWG



Assocation of Northwest Weavers' Guilds

or Hand Weavers, Spinners & Dyers of Alberta - the hosts of the ANWG Conference 2007

June 14-20, 2007

If you'd like more information about how to schedule a speaking/workshop engagement in your town, contact me at deb at, or check out EVENTS for a list of scheduled workshops or talks.

In addition, I have included The Cancer Dance in this website. It contains some of my tips for surviving that most challenging partner, Cancer.


The Dream

Wellness is an important path of life. Once, in a dream, I was following the Stream of Joy. In this dream I walked and walked, ever looking forward to the end destination, the Source of Joy. Finally I knew. The journey was the important part, and the Source of Joy was with me all the time. It was in my heart, my faith and in the beauty around me.


To help open your healing/creative path I share the"15 secret rules to unlocking creativity and to create wellness".

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cancer dance






New work using the process of "Fabric Mosaic"

"LoveX2" by Deb Erikson

30" x 26" 2006


My work has taken a new direction in the last year. The piece above, titled "LoveX2," is a process that I'm calling Fabric Mosaic. I create an image digitally (the geek in me is always present!), then I dye fabric, cut it into pieces, and layer the bits of fabric together to form a new image. Finally, using the wool from my sheep, I layer wool top between the front and back pieces and free-motion quilt.


The piece above is from a picture I took of my husband kissing our son, Davin, about 25 years ago!